Spring equinox and remembering love

Campfire's World Harmony initiative launched in 2020 during lockdown around community connection and universal wisdom with a beautiful visual representation of Beacons, both traditional and futuristic, using drone programming and XF. 

We may not all be able to light a Beacon but we can appreciate the symbolism. This is technology for good. 

Solstices and Equinoxes as key parts of nature's cycles are great opportunities for personal and social change. 

The track features a remix of 'Love Is The Anwer' by the Campfire Circle Singers including Mozez, Neil Cowley, Matt Coldrick and three choirs plus a reading from 'Desiderata' by Pip The Poet. 

The remix and original versions of the track were produced by myself for Campfire Convention 

The video was produced by John Hopkins @ Celestial 

#worldharmony #loveistheanswer

and the original 'Love Is The Answer' with vocal by Mozez