Politics? We're now fighting in a different dimension

It's been a week or two of of 'lightbulb moments'. Amongst other things, Charles Eisenstein's take on whether or not it's time for an Amnesty in relation to what happened around Covid, parliament finally getting nudged into debating Covid effects relating to vaccines (even if it takes a 'scoundrel' like Sir Christopher Chope to be a somewhat unlikely cheerleader ringing the alarm bells) and for me, the outstanding moment, listening to Simon Elmer reframing what's going on in the world, in relation to the new 'battles' we have on our hands in a fascinating interview on James Deligpole's podcast, as posted on this network by Ebi Diete-Spiff this week. 

In essence, the old politics is being superseded by a different 'dimension' of struggle. I quoted Elmer from the podcast on Thursday's Zoom too when he outlined this"

"Our politics is so compromised now. Nobody believes in it as a forum or a medium for change. But our resistance to digital ID and everything that is going to come from that comes from a different source of resistance.

If we can resist in that dimension, that is our greatest chance for change. Parliamentary politics has been too compromised. We need a complete change.  We can still fight at this level of culture, education, propaganda, ideology, of ideas."

What he's confirming for me is that party politics is rendered obsolete (which is the starting point for our Trailblazers movement)  We are now moving into vital ideological fights against corporatism, globalism, the march of technocracies to control us, WHO, CBDC, WEF, law makers who are rapidly amassing the power to override governmental policy etc etc. All the dark stuff Elmer brings into focus.

It feels like a waste of time to play party politics as currently we've moved into what feels like a one party state anyway (Labour are just a different shade of conservatism). A definition as black and white as 'good vs evil' would certainly come down to individual value judgement but it's clear that those who are wise to what is going on at a higher level would argue that a different 'battle' has come into sharp focus.

This 'battle' is outlined by Elmer and can defined as follows (taken from one commentator's review of Elmer's new book 'The Road To Fascism'):

"The book takes us to the shift in crisis from Covid-19 to Ukraine, and now a new prime minister has been selected by the globalists. As boasted by its leader Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum is infiltrating governments to ensure the Great Reset. Our parliament has become WEFminster, inflicting the global biosecurity state on citizens who naively believed – and many continue to believe – it is serving the nation.  

We are in a battle of biblical poignancy against a dystopian technocracy that will dehumanise us and determine whether we live or die. If you think that far-fetched, you should read Elmer to understand the predicament for humanity. Awareness is the precursor to resistance.”

I've just ordered Elmer's book and I'd recommend it based on what I hear on the podcast.

Simon's introduction to the book:

With the lifting of the thousands of regulations by which our lives were ruled for two long years there has been an understandable desire to believe that the coronavirus ‘crisis’ is over and we will return to something like an albeit new normal. But as new crises have sprung up to take its place — war in the Ukraine, the so-called ‘cost of living crisis’ and the return of the environmental crisis — it’s increasingly difficult not to look back on ‘lockdown’ as the first campaign in a war that has not been declared by any government but is no less real for that.

The willingness of our governments to use the forces of the state against their own populations on the justification of protecting us from ourselves signals a new level of authoritarianism — and something like the return of fascism — to the governmental, juridical and cultural forms of the formerly neoliberal democracies of the West, and one of the aims of this book is to examine the validity of this thesis. Its purpose in doing so, however, is not to contribute to an academic debate about the meaning of the term ‘fascism’, but rather to interrogate how and why the general and widespread moral collapse in the West over the past two-and-a-half years has been effected with such rapidity and ease, and to examine to what ends that collapse is being used.

The more deliberate is the immiseration of the populations of Western democracies, the clearer it becomes that the war started by COVID-19 is not between nation states but a civil war waged against our institutions of democratic governance and the division of powers between executive, legislature and judiciary. Insofar as these institutions and this division are being dismantled and replaced by the rule of international technocracies that, under the cloak of the ‘pandemic’, have assumed increasing power over our lives since March 2020, this war represents a revolution in Western capitalism from the neoliberalism under which we have lived for the past forty years. Where it is heading with ever greater speed and finality, and which The Road to Fascism sets out to demonstrate, is the new totalitarianism of the Global Biosecurity State. 

Blog post originally published on Campfire Network 13.11.22 https://campfireconvention.network/posts/politics-were-now-fighting-in-a-different-dimension